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Q. If allergies are an immune deficiency disorder would it make   common sense for allergy sufferers to take action to build up their immune system?
A. This is quite an interesting question. While some might feel that allergies are a deficiency disorder, others may feel that maybe it is an over function of the immune system. This isn’t a prevailing view. One might feel that allergies represent and immune deficiency, then taking the necessary steps to improve the immune system makes sense.

Q. What are the different ways one can build up ones immune system?
A. There are many ways to enhance the immune system but the following are a few of the most important ways to do so:

a) The most important thing to keep in mind is that eating a well balanced diet is the key to a properly functioning immune system.
b) A diet, rich in fruits and vegetables provides the immune system with many important vitamins and minerals.
c) A good rest
d) Regular exercise
e) Drink at least 6 – 8 glasses of water a day.
f) To reduce your histamine levels you need to take 1000-2000 mg.d of  vitamin C.
g) Increase your bioflavonoid intake.
h) Make sure to take 400mg magnesium a day.
i) The above mentioned recommendations especially points a and b need to be followed well to avoid nutritional supplementation.

I)  Several supplements have been designed to promote overall health by  The Body Language Vitamin Co. The most recommended are the multivitamin, antioxidant and anti-age/energy formulas. (These are totally  6 pills per day costing approximately 99.00/month)

II)  The most outstanding is the antioxidant formula that has quiecetin and bioflavonoid which are helpful in allergic problems. Also present in it is burdock, a herb which is superb in reducing allergic symptoms. Vitamin E at 200 – 800 i.u. has also been seen to help enhance the Immune function. Green tea, pine bark and grape seed extract are also known for their powerful antioxidant properties to enhance overall health.

III) The multivitamin formula provides all the important nutrients to promote wellness and support health. These are a dose of just 3 pills a day. All the ingredients are in the appropriate dosage required to promote good health. It is designed in co-ordination with the antioxidant formula and both the supplements combined give you excellent health.

IV) The anti-age/energy formula has shown to reduce age related hearing loss and this product has been patented. It also enhances mitochondrial functions which are known to decline with age which are also held responsible for the aging process. It is also known that the immune function starts to decline (in as early as your twenties) when the mitochondrial function declines. The anti-age/energy formula has high levels of Co-Q-10, alpha lipoic acid, acetyl 1 carnitine and glutathione.

Q. How does one know if one is deficient in certain vitamins and minerals?
A. You may never know that you are facing a deficiency problem. Around 10% of the population aged 60 and above face a deficiency of B vitamins, especially B12. During a double blinded study done it showed that taking supplements like vitamin E & A enhances the function of the immune system significantly. It is known to most that after the age of 30 the mineral absorption in our bodies declines significantly. Therefore it is strongly recommended that a supplement needs to be taken which has chelated minerals. The Body Language Vitamin Co. has designed all minerals chelated to enhance the absorption. Deficiency testing can be done only through laboratory testing, and this is an expensive method. Physicians do not conduct these tests routinely. You might be deficiently low if you are tired, run down or feeling low but this is not necessary. The best is to take a good supplement to insure your health. The one day type vitamins are not recommended by us as their potency is less and the minerals are not chelated. Paying 3-10$ for this is not worth it.

Q. Can you recommend a basic vitamin program for allergy sufferers?
A. Of course, the Body Language Vitamin Co. is believed to make the finest supplements available. Very few supplement companies have put together supplements such as quercetin, bioflavonoid and burdock into their daily supplements Body Language Vitamin Co is one of them to have done this to enhance the immune function.

Q. Does the same hold true for sinus sufferers or are there some differences in the vitamin regimen?
A. Cats claw astragalus like Saventaro which is probably the best brand. Body Language Cold and Flu Formula many outstanding ingredients like Echinacea purpurea and pallida, goldenseal, astragalus, quercetin, bioflavonoids, I-arginine and many others have been used. Sinus and allergic sufferers can use this proprietary formulation. This is mainly recommended for symptoms of cold and flu. This also works to improve the immune system. The best way to gain from this is by following a recommended cycle: Two weeks on 3-5 days off. Echinacea products are contraindicated if you have an autoimmune disorder.

Q. What role can exercise play in preventing allergies or sinus infections?
A. Without doubt daily or regular exercise does improve your health and immune system. But, there is no direct impact of this on allergies or sinus infections.

Q. Is there any particular diet in general that would reduce allergy or sinus symptoms?
A. As mentioned earlier that you should avoid foods that cause you allergies. And it is recommended to avoid dairy products or those foods which have a high potential for mold content.

Q. What diet is best for allergies?
A. A specific diet cannot me recommended but the best suggestion would be to avoid junk and processed foods. A rich dose of fruits and vegetables will help reduce allergic symptoms.