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Free S/H - Allersearch AllergenWash Sample (3/4 oz)

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Free S/H - Allersearch AllergenWash Sample (3/4 oz)
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(3/4 oz) Sample Bottle


Customers love Allersearch AllergenWash because it rinses away allergens in any wash temperature. Typically, hot water washing is necessary for allergy sufferers to get rid of problematic allergens. But many people don't want to wash in hot because washables can't handle it, may run or simply because it's not economical. The problem is solved with AllergenWash because allergens such as dust mite allergens, pollens, molds and other allergy-causing particles will be banished with this unique detergen and allergen remover. Allersearch AllergenWash is concentrated so that a little goes a long way. The 24 oz. bottle treats 30 medium loads. AllergenWash is great for allergic individuals, which is why it's so popular! Whether you're washing bedding, clothing or other washables, Allersearch AllergenWash is on your team to fight allergies! It's powerful at cleaning and lets you clean as you want; with either warm or cool water to conserve energy costs and protect your fabrics. It's also dye and perfume free so that it won't aggravate your allergy symptoms. Allersearch AllergenWash contains Acaril, a unique cleaning agent for removing allergens in all wash temperatures. You'll also conserve costs and simplify your cleaning when only having to use this all-in-one cleaning product.
  • Contains ACARIL, a powerful anti-allergen ingredient
  • Allergens embedded into the fabric are completely removed - unlike regular detergents
  • Free of perfumes, dyes, and other irritants
  • Laundry comes out with no odor at all
  • Safe for people, pets, and the environment
Suggested Uses:
  • Bedding, clothing and other washable fabrics
  • Compatible with additives, bleach, brighteners, etc.
  • Great soil lifter and degreaser
Should Not Be Used On:
  • Dry Clean Only fabrics
Directions For Use:
  • Product is very concentrated, use 1/3 less than other detergents - approx. 2 capfuls per wash load
  • Use entire sample bottle for 1 medium wash load
Additional Information

Additional Information

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