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Free S/H - Miele Type F, J & M (FJM) Filtrete 3M Vacuum Cleaner Dustbags 5 Bags 2 Filters. Replaces Miele part #7291640

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Free S/H - Miele Type F, J & M (FJM) Filtrete 3M Vacuum Cleaner Dustbags 5 Bags 2 Filters. Replaces Miele part #7291640
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Quantity Per Package: Every box of Miele 3M Filtrete FJM Bags contains 5 Synthetic dustbags & 2 Filters.


5 Synthetic Miele FJM F/J/M Vacuum Bags and 2 Filters. Flexible, tear-resistant Filtrete Synthetic Dust Bags expand as you clean. Air flows easily through the multilayer construction, yet traps more dust and fine particles, preventing clogs and prolonging your exhaust filter’s life—more than 25 times While paper dust bags cause suction loss when only half full, Filtrete technology ensures continual full-power suction that lasts three times longer.

Change bag every 30 to 60 days for optimum performance
  • Miele’s HyClean FJM Bags replaces Miele Intensive Clean Dustbags for Miele Models 200, 300, 500 Series And S4000 Series Galaxy Canister Vacuums. The Miele Vacuum Cleaner HyClean Dustbags Type F,J&M (FJM) last 25% longer than the previous Miele FJM Bag. This 9-layer bag with a protective netting seals up automatically via the spring-loaded hygiene shutter to ensure no dirt gets back into your house.
  • Improved Technology
    Thanks to the new innovative, automatic dustbag collar, a plastic flap on the HyClean dustbag closes the bag opening automatically when the dust compartment lid is opened. When the dust compartment lid is closed, a part of the suction hose connector presses the closed flap open, allowing the passage of air into the dustbag. This offers convenience benefits on removal of a full dustbag and even when the dust compartment lid is opened. When the dust flap is open, the colored hygiene seal integrated into the new collar ensures a tight fit and prevents dust escaping past the collar
  • Protective Netting
    The protective netting on the inner and outer surfaces of the dustbag offers visible protection against damage to the filter material and also improves the bag's tear-proof properties along the welded seams. The benefit of the protective netting is immediately obvious to anyone who has experienced a dustbag bursting while vacuuming. The function of the netting is further supported by fibers surrounding the mesh. In order to bring attention to this netting, an exclusive-to-Miele, gray, silvery material has been used on the outside of the bag
  • Airflow Guides
    Airflow guides inside the dustbag deflect the passage of dust-laden air on entry so as to achieve optimum use of the dustbag's capacity, increasing dust storage capacity by up to 25%. This allows prolonged use of the dustbag. Finally, the airflow guides also assume the role of the impact protection foil used on the previous dustbag version, ensuring that sharp, pointed objects do not result in perforation of the bag. There are two airflow guides: one each on the two inner surfaces of the dustbag. The guide on the upper inner surface is silver-colored so as to be readily visible to users when the dustbag collar is opened
  • Filter Material
    As the filter material has also been improved, Miele is confident our HyClean dustbags will achieve even better performance than our current IntensiveClean Plus dustbags in consumer tests. In comparison to IntensiveClean Plus dustbags, suction power loss with a dust quantity of 400 grams has been reduced by 33%. This means that a HyClean dustbag lasts much longer than an IntensiveClean Plus bag
  • Performance
    Extended bag life and improvements to suction power are two excellent reasons to make sure you use only genuine, Miele HyClean dustbags. These three features: airflow guides, improved filter material and the protective netting are, in combination, what makes the Miele HyClean dustbags your only choice for your Miele vacuum cleaner
Fits Models:
  • Miele Type F S200 Series Compact Canister Vacuums
  • Miele Type J S300 Series Mid Size Canister Vacuums.
  • Miele Type M S500 Series Deluxe Mid Size Canister Vacuums
Quantity Per Package: Every box of Miele 3M Filtrete FJM Bags contains 5 Synthetic dustbags & 2 Filters.

These Dustbags Fit:

- The Miele S200 Series

- The Miele S300 Series

- The Miele S500 Series

- The Miele S4000 (S4) Series

which comprises of these models : S4210 Carina, S4210 Capella, S4210 Antares, S4210 Sirius, S4212 Neptune, S4282 Healthy Clean, S4580 Luna, S4780 Orion, S301 Midsize Canister, S312 Midsize Canister, S314 Midsize Canister Red Star, White Star, S316 Cat & Dog, S318 Medivac, S318 Bahama Blue, S324, S326, S334 Ambiente, S336 Blue Magic, S344 Platinum, S514 Solaris/Parkett & Co, S516 Cat & Dog, S518 Medivac, S524 Deluxe Midsize, S524 Mercury, Crystal, S528 Filtration Guard, S538 Monte Verde, S544 Artico, 548 Aluminium, Champagne & Exclusive, S558 Silver Moon, S558 Red Velvet

Why use 3M Filtrete Filter Bags?

3M Filter Bags feature a superior multilayer construction which:

  • Keeps the air in the home cleaner by trapping particles like dust, pet dander, mold and bacteria
  • Improve vacuum suction power with easy air flow through the bag
  • Prevent clogs, thus prolonging the vacuum's exhaust filter's lfe
  • Last two times longer than other bags, which lose suction when only half-full
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